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GE Healthcare in Collaboration with Nex Cubed Select Six Digital Health Start-ups for Inaugural Edison Accelerator in Canada
August 2022

Six digital health start-ups from five countries have officially become the first cohort of the Edison Accelerator in Canada – a program designed by GE Healthcare and delivered in collaboration with Nex Cubed to accelerate, validate, and scale innovative solutions that address important challenges in the healthcare sector.

CardioWise Receives ISO 13485:2016 Clearance for Design, Development, and Marketing of Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) For the Medical Device Industry
August 2022

CardioWise, Inc., is pleased to announce that Perry Johnson Registrars, Incorporated has audited the CardioWise Quality Management System (QMS) and determined CardioWise is in conformance with ISO 13485:2016.

CardioWise Joins the Lucem Health Innovation Collaborative as a Founding Member
June 2022

CardioWise® and Lucem Health™ announced that CardioWise has become a founding member of the Lucem Health Innovation Collaborative, a partner program designed to help AI/ML innovation move to the forefront of healthcare. The collaborative launched by Mayo Clinic along with other investing partners will help digital health innovators create, deploy, and commercialize transformational solutions powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning models.

CardioWise Named Quarterfinalists at the UCSF Health Awards
September 2021

The University of California San Francisco (UCSF) Health Awards has selected CardioWise, Inc. as a Quarterfinalist in the Hospital Diagnostics Category. The awards showcase the health tech industry, showcasing the best new products and technologies in digital health and life sciences. These are the technologies that will define the future of healthcare and are supported by the nation's top health care accelerators, venture capitalists, and academic leaders.

CardioWise Receives US FDA 510(k) Clearance for Stretch Quantifier for Endocardial Engraved Zones (SQuEEZ) Heart Function Analysis Software
January 2021

The 510(k) premarket notification letter indicates that the FDA has determined that SQuEEZ may be legally marketed in interstate commerce according to its indications for use. SQuEEZ is an image analysis software application for cardiac Computer Tomography (CT) studies to assist cardiologists and radiologists in assessing function when producing a cardiac evaluation.The software calculates a Stretch Quantifier for Endocardial Engraved Zones (SQuEEZ) value to highlight and color code motions of the heart wall. Additional tools are provided to display regional motion properties of the heart.

CardioWise Named a Top-Ten Finalist in Best Cardiovascular Digital Diagnostic Category by UCSF Health Hub
October 2019

The University of California San Francisco (UCSF) Health Hub has selected CardioWise, Inc. a Digital Health Awards 1st Round (Top Ten) Finalist in its Best Cardiovascular Digital Diagnostic category. The goal of UCSF Digital Health Awards was to select companies that promote faster, better, more cost-effective healthcare by improving outcomes such as shorter hospital stays, reduced patient and insurer costs, faster cures, and happier doctors and patients. The awards are intended to showcase new technologies that are dramatically improving healthcare through innovative means, to benefit society and to reduce the onerous cost burden. Over 500 companies participated, representing thirteen categories, with over 100 judges.

CardioWise Stretch Quantifier for Endocardial Engraved Zones (SQuEEZ) Receives Patents from Both the United States and the European Union
August 2019

CardioWise, Inc., is pleased to announce two significant patents protecting its heart function analysis software, Stretch Quantifier for Endocardial Engraved Zones (SQuEEZ).   The European Union Patent Number 12839978.9 was awarded on February 2, 2019, followed closely by the U.S. Patent on June 7, 2019 (patent application number 14/350,991). Both patents are entitled “Methods for Evaluating Regional Cardiac Function and Dyssynchrony from a Dynamic Imaging Modality using Endocardial Motion,” and were awarded to The Johns Hopkins University (JHU) for its pioneering work on a mathematical software algorithm that utilizes cardiac Computed Tomography (CT) data to determine the regional contractile function of the heart muscle at high resolution.

CardioWise Acquires Worldwide Rights to Patent, and Software to Guide Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Through License Agreement with Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures
August 2017

CardioWise, Inc., is pleased to announce that the company has acquired the worldwide rights to Image Toolbox heart functional analysis software, and pending patent from Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures through a license agreement. The US Patent application was filed November 11, 2016. The software uses cardiac CT patient data sets to determine which heart failure patients may benefit from implantation of a Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy device and can guide the placement of leads to ensure that the device is effective. The Image Toolbox technology utilizes SQuEEZ cardiac functional analysis software that CardioWise

has also licensed from Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures.

CardioWise Announces Publication of Multiparametric Strain Analysis (MPSA) Clinical Research Funded by the National Institutes of Health
July 2017

CardioWise, Inc., is pleased to announce that the company has acquired the worldwide rights to SQuEEZ heart function analysis software, and an associated pending patent from Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures through a license agreement. The U.S. Patent application was filed
April 10, 2014 and uses high resolution cardiac CT to analyze cardiac wall motion that provides extraordinary new insights to help physicians diagnose heart disease.

Radiomics for Cardiology
February 2015

"In the future, radiologists won't simply be interpretors of imaging studies, but will be the curators of quantitative and descriptive data about disease processes that will enable computerized decision-support systems to improve diagnostic and prognostic accuracy, according to experts in the rapidly expanding field of radiomics." (From "Radiomics Could Change Role of Radiologists" by Paul Latour, RSNA)


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January 2014 CardioWise Completes Small Business Innovation and Research Grant from the National Science Foundation
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June 2013 CardioWise Receives Supplemental Grant from the National Science Foundation