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Currently, no single diagnostic test is available that can provide a quantitative evaluation of all three major heart components: coronary arteries, myocardium, and valves. Patients who experience a cardiac event often require three or more diagnostic imaging tests for a complete evaluation. CardioWise SQuEEZ software enables a quantitative diagnostic evaluation of the heart system using the data from an ultra high resolution cardiac CT scan that requires an acquisition time of a single heartbeat.























Figure above: SQuEEZ analysis of left ventricle of a Heart Failure patient with preserved Ejection Fraction (EF) shown in red and compared to normal patient data base. Note the level of dysfunction compared to the normal range.


This analysis is graphically presented in an easy-to-read three-dimensional color contour maps or regional graphical representations that indicate the areas of the heart that work normally and those that are damaged, to significantly reduce evaluator bias and human error in heart diagnoses, and provide detail previously unavailable. CardioWise SQuEEZ analysis can pinpoint the location and extent of early injury and assist doctors in determining the appropriate level of intervention (medicine or surgery or a combination), and can be used to determine whether interventions are improving heart function over time.


Specifically, the CardioWise SQuEEZ approach can address the following market needs:


  • Diagnose cardiovascular disease with a single test. Currently, there are more than ten common cardiac diagnostic tests but no single test can assess myocardial function, valvular function, and coronary anatomy.

  • Provide quantitative analysis of myocardial function. There are only limited imaging options for assessment of the myocardial function of the heart and all are qualitative assessments that introduce bias and uncertainty into the diagnostic process.

  • Quantify heart health both immediately and over time. Cardiac CT combined with SQuEEZ produce results that are quantified and repeatable, enabling comparisons over time. Side-by-side assessments of myocardial function to gain insight into the individual patient’s response to treatment over time are possible.

  • Provide fast remote diagnostic service. Installing and integrating new software into a new clinic can be complicated, expensive and resource intensive (for training and adoption). By offering diagnostic capability in the form of Software as a Service (SaaS), CardioWise will be able to provide results immediately upon commencement of the service.

  • Software as a Service (SaaS) Business model will

    • Streamline analysis of cardiac CT images

    • Allow results to be shared among all physicians involved in determining the best patient treatment

    • Allow imaging technologists to concentrate on what they do best—imaging

    • Reduce on-call utilization of technologists on nights and weekends

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