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Executive and Board of Directors

Jack Coats_Final Best 300ppi.png

Jack Coats, CEO

Board Member

Geoffrey Dalbow_WS 300ppi.png

Geoffrey Dalbow,


Calvin Goforth_300ppi.jpg

Calvin Goforth, PhD

Board Member



Ramsay Ball_300ppi.png

Ramsay Ball

Board Member


Stan Green_300ppi.jpg

Stan Green

Board Member


Scientific Advisory Board

Elliot McVeigh_WS 300 ppi.png

Elliot McVeigh, PhD

Advisory Board Member

Amir Pourmorteza_WS 300ppi.png

Amir Pourmorteza, PhD

Advisory Board Member



Myron L Weisfeldt_WS 300 ppi.png

Myron Weisfeldt, MD

Advisory Board Member



CardioWise is creating a comprehensive cardiac analysis platform to bring advanced cardiac image analysis capabilities to the global cardiology market. Our platform will increase the accuracy of diagnosis, enable more timely interventions, improve the standard of care and help reduce the cost of healthcare globally.


We believe passionately that patients are our customers! 


By simplifying diagnosis, streamlining access and improving communications our platform will ultimately save lives worldwide.

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