CardioWise® launches SQuEEZ™ at SCCT

Technology solutions for better heart health

Cardiowise connects cardiac CT data with innovative new artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms that augment human decision-making within existing clinical workflows.


An accurate diagnosis is the first step to preventing heart disease. CardioWise's non-invasive Cardiac Computed Tomography (cCT) analysis software produces an easy-to-understand 3D image model of the human heart. Blue means healthy. Yellow is a warning sign. And red means your heart is at risk. 

This heart analysis software combined with cardiac CT has the opportunity to become the single most effective way for patients to receive an accurate and early diagnosis. 


CardioWise Joins the Lucem Health Innovation Collaborative as a Founding Member

June 2022

CardioWise Receives US FDA 510(k) Clearance for Stretch Quantifier for Endocardial Engraved Zones (SQuEEZ) Heart Function Analysis Software

January 2021

CardioWise Named a Top-Ten Finalist in Best Cardiovascular Digital Diagnostic Category by UCSF Health Hub

October 2019